Behind the Brand: the making of the Bison

In December 2013, change was in the air. Bison needed to rethink, then refresh, and reposition ourselves in the market. 

We decided to run the Bison Brand Workshop© on ourselves. We nailed down a new set of brand values, a positioning statement and a set of brand personality traits. This informs our brand look and feel in every application, how we communicate with clients and suppliers, and the way we act, think and create every day in the studio. The next challenge was to create a brandmark that reflected our outcomes in graphic form.

Our bison proudly stands on a solid foundation of his natural landscape, while his active legs show that he is always ready to explore new terrain. His stance and high shoulders tell you he is strong and courageous. His lowered head shows focus and determination, but also thoughtfulness and respect. He demonstrates agility in his lean body shape, but is still solid enough to be incredibly resilient. 

Watch the video to see how we got there.


Yabby paper sculpture

Shazz, one of our senior creatives, loves print design. She's all about the nuances between different papers and how the careful selection of stock can make her design come alive on the page. She's our resident paper nerd, and whenever she has a spare minute in the studio she sculpts, using paper as her art medium. Here's a yabby Shazz created from Curious Gold in 300gsm and 120gsm. Her current project is a majestic Bison head...stay tuned.


BisonGWD christmas cards

Our Christmas tree decoration was born from the idea of creating a client Christmas card that was truly unique, just like every snowflake. The intricate forme was tested, and tested again before going into production with Chapel Press. 600gsm Fluorescent White Lettra was printed with clear varnish and letterpressed. The forme cut snowflake was delivered flat to the client to self assemble. A technical but incredibly satisfying studio project indeed. We think the result was beautiful.

The beauty of the letterpress